Morris Jumel Neighborhood Association, Inc. 442 West 162nd Street New York, New York 10032

The Morris Jumel Neighborhood Association, Inc. (“MJNA”) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated May 2014 and formed to promote civic betterment, community beautification and maintenance, and to foster the knowledge of and pride in the history of the Jumel Terrace Historic District and its surrounding community in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City.

MJNA is unique within New York City. Given New York City’s 145 Historic Districts and 116 National Historic Landmarks, MJNA is the sole 501(c)(3) entity organized around and representing a New York City Historic District, a historic property, and a National Historic Landmark, the Morris-Jumel Mansion.

MJNA’s activities are conducted solely by the residents in and around the Jumel Terrace Historic District, located in New York City. The Jumel Terrace Historic District was designated a New York City Landmark in 1970, and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973. It remains one of the rare remaining pristine Historic Districts, with all structures unaltered since originally built.

At the center of this neighborhood is Roger Morris Park and the Morris-Jumel Mansion, designated a National Historic Landmark in 1961. Built in 1765 and purchased by the City in 1903, the Morris-Jumel Mansion is the oldest extant house in Manhattan and is currently operated as a nonprofit museum under the auspices of NYC’s Historic House Trust. MJNA’s past, present, and future activities are targeted toward and conducted within this geographic area.

To advance this mission, the 450+ socio- economic, racially and ethnically diverse residents comprising MJNA engage in various activities throughout the year. Since its formation, MJNA has engaged in activities to advance its social mission in the Historic District. These activities include:

• Summer (Summerfest!) and fall (Halloween) community festivals to build awareness of the neighborhood’s history and community on the grounds of the Morris-Jumel Mansion,

• Donations to the Morris-Jumel Mansion museum and other nonprofits that seek to enhance historical awareness, neighborhood beautification, and community well-being for the Jumel Terrace Historic District and/or the greater Washington Heights neighborhood.

• Participation in outreach in support of the Historic Districts Council and the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission, • Days of service for picking up trash and reporting area needs to the city,

• Planting trees and flowers along the side streets and weeding tree wells, and

• Installation of lights, speed bumps and other public safety measures.

Jumel Terrace Historic District: West 160th and 162nd Streets, Jumel and Sylvan Terraces, between St. Nicholas and Edgecombe Avenues